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Awareness Projects

The Silent Witness Project was created for the state of Arkansas in 1997 and consists of life-sized plywood silhouettes painted red and black.  Each silhouette represents a victim murdered by an intimate partner during the most recent year and tells the victim's story on a shield attached to the silhouette.  The silhouettes have been customized to represent female, pregnant female, male, child and wheelchair victims.
The Clothesline Awareness Project is a visual display that bears witness to the deadly reality of domestic violence. The project includes t-shirt for all known domestic violence murder victims, in the state of Arkansas, dating back to 1989. There are currently over 460 t-shirts in the project.  ACADV only displays up to the previous 10 years of t-shirts due to the size.  All t-shirts dating back to 1989 can be viewed on the PowerPoint presentation.  The project has added t-shirts to represent child and male victims in the last few years.   
To reserve the Awareness Projects, please contact Ashley Walker at

Purple Flower 4
2013 Deceased Victims T-shirts 018
Purple Flower 2
2013 Deceased Victims T-shirts 009

These photos are of t-shirts that were completed in years past for the "Clothesline Project," as well as what some of the silhouettes look like for the "Silent Witness Project." 

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