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Executive Board Members

Chairperson:  Teresa Mills (Region 1)
Executive Director

Peace at Home

Vice - Chairperson: Angela McGraw (Region 5)

Executive Director

Women & Children First

Second Vice-Chairperson:  Penni Burns (Region 1)
Executive Director
​Crisis Intervention Center


Finance Officer:

Secretary: Terah Whitley (Region 4)
Executive Director

Saline County Safe Haven

Regional Representatives  


Region 1:
Represented in Executive Officers

Region 2:

Shoshana Wells, Executive Director

Margie's Haven House

Region 3:

Vicki Gestring, Executive Director

Family Crisis Center

Region 4:

Elizabeth Wesley, Executive Director

Women's Crisis Center of S. Arkansas

Region 5:

At-Large Representatives    

Barbara Mariani, Deputy Prosecuting Attorney  Sixth Judicial District, AR

Melanie Palmer

Melanie Palmer Consulting

Will Baker

Financial Management

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