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Domestic violence news happening near you! 

Thank you to all the legislators who advocated for the rights and safety of victims across Arkansas. Below is a summary of all the legislation passed in the 2020 - 2021 general session that includes a direct reference to domestic violence. As with any law, there is no telling how it may impact victims - however, we are sharing the list below to help prepare service providers and victims of the changing legislative landscape. 

If you would like to submit an additional bill that was passed from the 2020 - 2021 legislative session that impacts victims of domestic violence, human trafficking, dating violence, and/or stalking - please send us an email at or call our main officeline. 

2020 - 2021 Legislation to Watch

Legislative Review Committee

The ACADV is pleased to announce the formation of the Legislative Review Committee (LRC). The goals of this committee are to identify, discuss, and propose solutions to legislative and policy issues impacting domestic violence survivors and their families in Arkansas. To submit an issue to be discussed at the next LRC meeting, please email Brandy Dailey with additional details and reference to the legal code in question (if possible). The members of the LRC are: 

Representative Charlene Fite

Representative Tippi McCullough 

Representative Spencer Hawks

Representative Jamie Scott

Senator Missy Irvin

Angela McGraw, Executive Director of Women and Children First 

Barbara Mariani, Senior Deputy Prosecutor for Little Rock

Julie Eckert, Detective at North Little Rock Police Department

Batterers Intervention Programs (BIP) - Service Provider Survey

Are you a service provider for Batterers Intervention Programs (BIP)? Would you like to be listed on our website and/or used for referrals? Please complete the form (link below) and pending review, you could be added to our database of service providers. 

Registration Link:

ACADV recommends a limited number of programs, based on their curriculum and program standards. Learn more about BIP here:

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