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To Stop Relationship Violence

You Must Help or Get Help

Society must commit to programs, funding and legislation dedicated to this crisis so that victims will be heard, supported and helped, and batterers will learn that violence will not be tolerated.

Take Care in Your Home

  • Reject any form of violence victims and their children.

  • Educate yourself and your children about family violence.

  • Know the location and phone number of a local shelter.

Take Action in Your Community

  • Volunteer and contribute to local shelters, hotlines and outreach agencies.

  • Support victims of abuse trying to change their lives.

  • Encourage anti-violence workplace seminars and curriculum in schools.

  • Urge your legislators to address domestic violence.

  • Think about relationship abuse as a major social problem that touches the lives of women, men and children of all social, economic and racial backgrounds. Focus on the ways in which you, as an empowered bystander, can get involved in bringing an end to this public health crisis.

Checklist for Survivors going through Court

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